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Facilities Management is increasingly at the heart of businesses efforts to increase profitability and manage change. Rather than merely supervising support services, the modern facilities professional needs to offer strategic thinking and management expertise at the highest level.

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August 2014 Colt Status Update (Article by Mace Macro in FM World)

It's always nice when you hear of a project's success long after you've finished your work. Helen Playle (now with Mace Macro) was a wonderful client to work with in her former guise at Colt, and in speaking to Martin Read she provides a great insight into mobilisation and beyond from the perspective of both client and the service provider.

September 2013 Scale Can Be Frightening But It's Worth The Prize (press release)

Tony Angel, owner and managing director of award-winning FM consultancy Edifice, explains how robust process coupled with experience and understanding can deliver seemingly unachievable savings and business benefits.

August 2013 Tony Angel to speak at September BIFM event (press release)

Tony Angel, owner and managing director of award-winning FM consultancy Edifice, is to speak at the British Institute of Facilities Management’s International special interest group (ISIG) event in September entitled Being European: Can FM create a joined-up model?

July 2010 Edifice Announces Discounted Snapshot Audit (press release)

Edifice has announced that the cost of its popular Snapshot Audit product will be reduced by 15% during the summer and autumn of 2010.

July 2008 Edifice Announces Snapshot Audit Offer (press release)

Edifice has announced that it will be offering its own version of a summer sale during the months of August and September.

June 2008 Edifice Shares Award Win at EFMC 2008 (press release)

10th June 2008 at the European Facility Management Conference in Manchester marked another proud moment in Edifice's history as it shared in a major award win, this time on a European scale.

May 2008 New Edifice Website Launched (press release)

Edifice launch their new website, under the strapline of 'Intelligence, Independence and Innovation'. Managing director Tony Angel shares his thoughts on the changes.

April 2008 The Flexible Route to Productivity

Tony Angel considers the impact new ways of working can have on employee performance and corporate productivity. But is there more to it than simply creating the right office environment?

April 2008 Let's Hear It For The Consultant

Tony Angel responds to Jeremy Waud's contention on i-FM that the FM provider is a better alternative to the independent consultant for the provision of 'appropriate and cost-effective' advice

January 2007 Edifice Announces New Performance Measurement System (press release)

Edifice has addressed that need for a best-practice performance measurement system by developing its own!

March 2006 Service Delivery - The Real Asset

Tony Angel considers the way in which service delivery has responded to the demands and drivers of the noughties, and whether that response has been enough.

February 2006 Edifice Snapshot Audit Unveiled (press release)

Edifice unveils details of its new Snapshot Audit service for clients, providing a fast-track solution to understanding their strengths and weaknesses.

December 2005 Edifice Rebuilt On Strong Foundations (press release)

Facilities management consultancy Edifice has today announced its re-launch, some two years after the temporary cessation of its activities.

March 2005 Best Practice - Is It More Than Just a Soundbyte?

Much is made of the need to meet or exceed "best practice" but what does it mean? Are people just paying lip service to the notion or are organisations really striving to be best in class? Tony Angel considers whether the drive to be "the best" is worth the hype or whether it's just another fad.

May 2004 Asset Management or Just Good Business?

At a time when insourcing is being mentioned in hushed voices and people increasingly talk of the "third wave of FM", Tony Angel considers what the industry needs to do now in order to position itself for the challenges that no doubt lie ahead.

16 April 2002 Summit Support Services Re-brands as Edifice (press release)

Facilities management consultancy Summit Support Services has today re-launched as Edifice, with its new strap line of 'Shaping the Future'.

March 2002 Facilities Management and Surveying - Diversify or Die?

Dave Wilson examines the value of a strategic approach to FM and the threats and opportunities this emerging management discipline poses for chartered surveyors.

November 2001 Facilities Management - Perception or Reality

Tony Angel looks at the professional standing of the FM industry and asks if the client is short changed by a lack of synergy between in-house and outsourced skills.