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Supply Chain Management

We know through experience that competitive advantage will be achieved when suppliers understand and share the vision of their customer. We'll help you to specify your requirements clearly, identify the most appropriate supply partner and negotiate the most competitive price; then we'll provide you with the tools to manage performance.

Utilising knowledge and experience gained across the UK and EMEA we'll deliver cost savings and service improvements, whilst freeing up your valuable management time. We'll also look beyond the short-term procurement activity, providing processes that enable the pro-active monitoring and evaluation of suppliers over the life of the contract.

We believe strongly in partnership and promote that ethos and philosophy, although we also recognise that there's more than one viable approach and can apply suitably aggressive negotiating strategies when necessary. Our objectives will always be to provide you with a support infrastructure that meets the needs of your business, both now and in the future.

Scope of Services
  • Procurement/tender management
  • Supplier rationalisation
  • Contract specification
  • Service level agreements/key performance indicators
  • Performance measurement systems
  • Contract management
  • Targeted cost savings