Project Management

The key to successful delivery of any project lies in the quality of management brought to bear. Through the entire process of planning, organisation, direction, implementation and control the skills & commitment of those leading the team are vital to achieving budget and programme objectives, and in avoiding pitfalls along the way.

Edifice project managers are experienced professionals, selected carefully to ensure that the skills they offer are appropriate to the project in hand. Utilising those skills, they'll translate your brief into a carefully planned and meticulously executed process.

From the initial identification of your needs through to project completion and evaluation, we'll provide you with a regime of communication and reporting that will ensure that you're always aware of the project status, can fulfill any internal reporting requirements and are able to provide input and decision-making throughout. The end result will be the realisation of your vision and may just be the catalyst your business has been waiting for.

Scope of Services
  • Construction management
  • CDM regulations
  • Refurbishment and fit-out
  • Relocation and churn management
  • Building design evaluation
  • Workplace design and space planning